Jeep and Camel Desert Safari, Jaisalmer

Desert Safari

It is almost impossible that one who visits Jaisalmer can say that he or she isn’t interested to have a jeep or camel desert safari. Thus we present 2 options for desert safari:-

Jaisalmer Camel Safari Package

Camel Desert Safari

 Here we will move into deeper parts of Sam sand dunes on a camel (in evening) or by early morning. The camel rider will take you till the sunset point to see an amazing sight. Here the cost is INR 500 per person on a camel and two can easily ride on one camel.

Jeep Desert Safari Jaisalmer

Jeep Desert Safari

Jeep safari isn’t a traditional desert tour but since 2010 it has become as popular as camel safari. Here you can ride on 4×4 jeep till the sunset point and the experience of driving on sand dunes in fantastic. The cost here again per person and its INR 1200.

Why you should book your Jeep Safari & camel safari desert tour of Jaisalmer from us?

We have tie ups with some of the most trusted camel riders and we will make sure that you enjoy a complete 60-90 mins safari tour and no need to pay any extra tip.

Note – Desert Safari is complimentary (for 2) but its a 2nd party service.

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